All-natural Mosquito Control in Atlanta, Georgia

All Natural Mosquito Control in Atlanta GeorgiaHere at Mosquito Joe of South Atlanta, we are big believers in the “different folks, different strokes” mentality and know that some of our customers would prefer an all-natural option to our longer-lasting synthetic treatment. While the process is slightly different, the effects are the same and we stand by them with the same guarantee as our other mosquito control solutions.

Applied in the same fashion as the barrier spray, the all-natural repels mosquitoes immediately, but has less adhesive properties than our synthetic. This means that the all-natural solution will repel new mosquitoes for a shorter period of time, requiring a 14-day spray cycle to maximize protection for your yard. While this solution does not offer the eradication properties of our synthetic spray, we stand by its effectiveness as a mosquito control solution and our guarantee of your satisfaction. If you are interested in learning more about our all-natural mosquito control solution, give us a call today at 678-695-8540 or fill out the quote request form above then let our friendly representative know that you are interested in hearing more about the all-natural program!

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